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D.R.I.V.E. of the Week

D - Drivability: 9

What we liked: This is a good driving car. Lot's of punch and go response. The 6-speed manual transmission and clutch were smooth together in every gear. Steering and handling were solid and very sporty. Steering, shifting, response, all worked well in concert with the 138 hp 4-cylinder engine. That helps the lightweight Veloster get the most from it's 1.6L engine. More than enough power for a small car like the Veloster. Excellent turn radius. Cockpit was roomy and comfortable and as a driver, you are surrounded by hi-tech. Hyundai's Blue-Link Telematics system enable the driver to stay linked via either in-car web or smart phone app. Nicely displayed on a 7-inch touchscreen well-situated on the dash panel.

What we didn't like: Because of the unique car design, poor sight lines. In the front driver's seat, the front door post blocks part of the left turn view. It was very difficult to see out of the small hatchback window and the huge backseat posts didn't help. Outside rear-view mirrors are hard to see out of and the rear-view mirror control knobs are awkwardly placed. In-Out access is clumsy (again, possibly due to the design) and the front doors are very heavy.

R - Rideability: 7

What we liked: For a small, sports car, there's a surprising amount of room inside, front and back. Nice V-shaped instrument cluster on the front dash panel. Plenty of info from climate control to fuel economy. Storage space in the rear hatchback is bigger that most small cars, but you have to lift and lower and lift and raise to use it. You can't slide things in and out.

What we didn't like: The 3rd door is unique, but after a while, it's becomes tiresome to have to get in and out of the back seat from just one side. Inside, The Veloster is noisy at higher speeds. (possibly, due to the low profile tires.) The sunroof was terrible, You had to have the shade open in order to open the sunroof. You cannot have the inside shade closed or half closed and have the sunroof tilted open.

I - Image: 9

Definitely a unique, head turning design. We did get a lot of questions and comments from people on the street during our week-long test drive. The 3-door feature also turns a lot of heads. The unique exterior design combined with the Veloster's great interior hi-tech set up clearly shouts "car of the future." However, we found that "different" is only good for a little while. The longer we were in the vehicle, some of the "differences" became annoying. (re: the 3rd door) The Veloster would make a great second or third car. We would be reluctant to drive it all the time.

V - Value: 8

The Veloster's base MSRP is around $17,300. With all the fancy add-ons, such as alloy wheels and the top notch hi-tech package, the model we drove stickered out at $21,400. It's a great 17K vehicle, a not so great 21K vehicle. It has the Hyundai warranty and also included is keyless entry, power windows, locks and a bunch of other fun stuff that comes standard in the Hyundai line. Some of the add-on high tech stuff is going to cost you.

E - Economy: 8

The Veloster runs on regular unleaded. It's gets an estimated 28 mpg in the city, 40 mpg highway. The model we tested got pretty close to that. That's not bad, but for as small and lightweight as the Veloster is, we bet Hyundai can do better.

2013 Hyundai Veloster M/T

2012 Hyundai Veloster M/T

TOTAL: 41 (out of 50)

more information on the dealer website

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